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Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult tasks that a family will ever experience. Wrongful death can occur from a serious car accident or even while staying at a hotel or apartment complex. While no amount of money will ever bring a deceased loved one back, Georgia Law provides a civil remedy for the survivors of someone that has suffered a death.

What is Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is defined as the loss of a life as result of another person or another entity's negligent or intentional behavior. The individual or group may be held liable if there is evidence that there was negligence or they were causing injury intentionally.

Common causes of wrongful death include:

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    Types of Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia

    In Georgia, there can be two separate claims against a person or corporation who negligently caused a death. The family may choose to pursue one or both claims depending on the nature of the death.

    "Full Value of Life" Wrongful Death Claim

    The first type of claim is a wrongful death claim for the “full value of life” of the deceased individual. This claim is based upon both tangible (economic) and intangible aspects of the individual’s life.

    When determining the tangible value of the decedent’s life, a jury takes into account many factors, including:

    • Decedent’s age
    • Physical health
    • Type of work the decedent performed

    Examples of the intangible values of life include:

    • Time spent with the decedent,
    • Things he or she did with their family,
    • Sports and activities he or she participated in, and
    • Support and companionship.

    Factors such as the quality of life, relationships, activities, lifetime income, and future benefits are some of the many factors that are included in the valuation of a deceased individual’s life.

    This claim belongs to the deceased individual’s survivors, which is defined by statute as typically including a spouse, children, parents, or heirs at law. If you need to file a "full value of life" claim, reach out to the wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta at The Fowler Firm.

    "Survival Action" Wrongful Death Claim

    The second type of claim belongs to the estate of the deceased individual. A “survival action” belongs to the estate and is brought by the executor or administrator of the deceased for pain and suffering before death, medical expenses, and funeral expenses. This is essentially the claim that the deceased would have brought if they survived.

    The estate is acting in place of the deceased. Punitive damages, which serve as punishment for a particularly egregious behavior, may also be awarded in a survival action if the offending party broke the law during the act of wrongful death. If you need to file a "Survival Action" claim, consider reaching out to our experienced Atlanta wrongful death attorneys today.

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