Main Worker’s Compensation page:

In Georgia, workers’ compensation laws provide the injured with the following rights and entitlements:
1. An employer is required to provide employees with quality medical treatment for any injuries suffered on the job.
2. An employer is required to pay weekly benefits for any missed time from work.
3. You are entitled to payment for any permanent disability that results from the injury.

Think you may be injured, but are unsure of common workplace injuries? Review this list and contact our office (link to the contact us page) to schedule a consultation.

1. Construction Accidents (including broken bones and back injuries)
2. Automobile & Trucking Accidents
3. Repetitive Motion Injuries (including Carpal Tunnel)
4. Severe Burns
5. Injuries suffered while falling or lifting objects
6. Amputations
7. Tragic Injuries (including trauma, paralysis and blindness)

The Fowler Firm, LLC is dedicated to fighting for its clients. If you have been injured while on the job, call our attorney directly (link to contact us page) to discuss your claim.